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Q. What is the major advantage for any Organization to use Employee Planner Software?

Ans. Employee Planner Software is designed to simplify the complex task of employee planning/scheduling in your company without any conflicts. Software helps to reduce overall administrative costs and efforts associated with staff scheduling needs of the company.

Q. What is Purchase Order Management Software?

Ans. Purchase Order Management Software is Windows-based business accounting software that helps you manage your sales/purchase information details. Use purchase order organizer software to record and track day to day business transaction activities.

Q. Who are the users of Purchase Order Management Software?

Ans. Purchase Order Management Software is designed for industry professionals, consultants, accountants and other similar software users.

Q. What are the salient features of accounting software?

Ans. Accounting Software is a valuable tool for managing accounting details of small or medium size organisations. Inventory management software is useful utility designed for book-keeping firms, accountants to manage the Invoicing, Inventory, Stock, Income, Expenses, General Ledger and similar other accounting details.

Q. What is the difference between Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition of Billing and Accounting Management Software?

Ans. Standard Edition of Billing and Accounting Management Software keeps track of all business accounting records and transactions. Business utility manages various accounting reports and helps to calculate total business profit.

Enterprise Edition has an additional supportive Barcode feature facilitates to identify each product uniquely among group of products available. Software helps in reducing manual data entry errors and saves both time and labor cost with precise generation of actual financial report.

Q. Which fonts are supported by Barcode Label Maker Software (Standard)?

Ans. Barcode Label Maker Software (Standard Edition) supports Linear and 2D barcode fonts symbologies.

Q. How does MSI to EXE creator helps to create exe setup package accurately?

Ans. MSI to EXE Creator creates self extracting .exe setup file from Microsoft visual .NET Framework MSI file format. Designed and developed for program coders, software generates exe file Setup package without affecting the basic structure and functionality of original application created in .msi file format.

Q. What is a Backlink checker tool?

Ans. Backlink Checker is a program that checks the availability of the user’s website backlinks status on the publisher’s web site. Backlink checker tool finds advertiser website backlink status on publisher website and sends alert email at users specified email address about the website backlink status report.

Q. How can I convert one database records to another database format?

Ans. User can easily convert entire or selected database records created in one format to another by using database converter software. Database conversion utility converts your existing database records into desired database format.

Q. Does your MSSQL to MySQL database converter software maintain the database integrity while converting database records from one format to other?

Ans. MSSQL to MySQL Database Convertor software fully supports all major database data types, attributes and key constraints while converting MSSQL database records to MySQL database file format.

Q. Does MS Access to MySQL Database Converter Software supports conversion of password protected database records?

Ans. Yes, MS Access to MySQL Database Converter Software fully support conversion of even password protected MS Access database records to MySQL database server.

Q. Does MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Software require any specific database programming skills to operate the software?

Ans. No, MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Software does not require any specific database programming skills to operate the software.

Q. What is the basic role of data wiper utility?

Ans. Data Wiper Utility permanently wipes whole or selected data from computer system disk drive and USB removable media. Software completely removes unused disk space and cleans deleted files/folders for better system performance.

Q. Does the Data Wiping Software wipe existing or non-existing data or both?

Ans. Yes, Data Wiping Software is fully capable to delete or erase both existing and non-existing data and record files from your computer system and results in better system performance.

Q. How KeyLogger is helpful in parental monitoring?

Ans. KeyLogger Software secretly records all typed URLs, chat conversation records, e-mails and other performed activities on the computer system. Keystroke recorder is helpful for parents who want to keep a watch on their children internet activities.

Q. Internet Explorer Password Recovery and Password Unmask Tool supports which kind of account passwords?

Ans. Internet Explorer Password Recovery and Password Unmask Tool recovers lost or forgotten IE saved passwords for various email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, AltaVista, AOL account etc), SEO accounts, Online Shopping, Newsgroup, Web Forums and other password protected accounts.

Q. Why should I use your Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery Software?

Ans. Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery Software is fully capable to recover all lost or forgotten email or newsgroup account passwords created on Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express mail service provider.

Q. Website Monitoring Tool supports which web protocols?

Ans. Website Monitoring Tool supports HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP accounts Web protocols.

Q. I am facing an error while using your bulk SMS Software, as it displays error message ‘Either Device not connected properly or ActiveSync not found’, what should I do?

Ans. In this situation, you should check following activities:

  • Either your mobile device is not connected to PC properly, so check your mobile phone connectivity with your Desktop PC, Laptop properly.
  • Or check whether your mobile phone is synchronized with your PC.

Q. How does PC to Mobile Text Messaging Utility help in promoting business?

Ans. Text Messaging Utility promotes business by using following approaches-

  • Utility broadcasts group SMS including personalized SMS, business greetings, order status, marketing information and much more to multiple recipients at a time.
  • Text messaging software sends bulk text messages including job alerts, notification, statements, job promotions, new business ideas, schemes, plans etc.
  • SMS software informs clients for account balance, sending critical news to mobile users etc.
  • Notifying each customer about current business activity like price changes and stock information, meetings schedule, appointment reminders etc.
  • Facilitate to create and generate text report of sent messages.
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