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Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker Software helps in monitoring the status of user website backlinks on different publisher website. You can check whether the advertiser website link still points the publisher website. Backlink checker tool sends alert notification via email when link is not found or web page cannot be displayed. Software is fully capable of determining reciprocal advertiser website links, direct links, Java script links and all other types of link. Backlink Checker tool generates the backlink status report in text and html file format for future reference.
Software Features

➤ Backlink Checker tool monitors backlink of multiple websites at the same time.

➤ Generate backlink status report in HTML and TXT file format for future reference.

➤ Software monitors all Reciprocal advertisers’ website links, direct links, JavaScript links and all other types of links.

➤ Backlink analyzer software send alert to user via email if link is not found on publisher’s website.