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Billing Software
Billing software helps you to maintain company account records, financial details, inventory information, and customer/vendor details. Employee Planner software manages employee’s daily activities such as Attendance Records, Leave Status, Shift Schedule, Salary Details, etc.
Card Designing Software
Card Designing Software creates different type of cards such as birthday cards, wedding cards, identity cards, business cards, greeting cards, company logo, etc. You can design and print your own style cards and labels using image designing objects.
Bulk SMS Software
Bulk Text Messaging Software compose and send thousands of text SMS from PC to global mobile networks using GSM, Android, BlackBerry technology based mobile phones. Software broadcast alert messages, market news, product launching details, notifications, etc in Unicode characters.
Database Converter
Database converter software is useful to convert entire or selected table records from MSSQL to MYSQL, MS Access to MYSQL and MYSQL to MSSQL. Software allows user to overwrite the MYSQL converted records into new location or overwrite the database contents into the existing Microsoft SQL database.
Security Software
Keylogger Software records each and every keyboard pressing activities performed by external user on your PC. Software runs in hidden mode and tracks online chat conversation, visited URL, clipboard content, internet history, passwords, username, keystrokes, etc.
Password Recovery
Password Recovery Software recovers lost or forgotten passwords created on Outlook mail accounts, internet explorer saved passwords such as FTP password, AutoComplete passwords. Software allows you to save the recovered password list at user specified location.
Other products including MSI to EXE Setup Creator to create self executable EXE file installer and web tools such as Website Monitoring Tool and Backlink Checker software to monitor webpage uptime, downtime link and advertiser site link status.